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Business visa

A business visa may be issued to a person who wish to establish a new business in the country or intends to invest in or take over an existing business.

The minimum amount to be invested in a new or existing business is R 5 000 000     (5 million rand).

Investments may be in the form of cash or new machinery/equipment.

The Director-General may reduce or waive the financial or capital contribution for businesses which are identified to be in the national interest, or when so requested by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Industries that have been declared to be in the national interest:

  • Agro-processing

  • Business Process Outsourcing & IT Enabled services

  • Capital/Transport equipment & metals & electric machinery and apparatus

  • Electro technical

  • Textile, Clothing & Leather

  • Consumer goods

  • Boat building

  • Pulp, Paper, Furniture

  • Automotive & Components

  • Green economy industries

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Tourism infrastructure

  • Chemicals, Plastic fabrications & Pharmaceuticals

  • Creative & Design industry

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mineral beneficiation

  • Infrastructure development

  • ICT


A business visa may be issued for a period of three (3) years.

Once issued with a business visa, you will be able to immediately apply for permanent residence. Contact us for assistance!